The healthiest cookies offer a double treat – for your taste and for your well-being.
No, this is not a recipe! No baking required, just take a peek:

Is it possible to create Cookies that actually help people Lose Weight?

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Have you ever wanted to enjoy the pleasure of eating delicious cookies, but also lose weight or fat at the same time?
Well, now you can, with specially formulated healthy cookies.
These are the healthiest cookies you ca have.

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Want to make it easier achieving the beach body?

Your best friend towards that goal might be an unexpected one:
Delicious cookies, and protein bars!! Hard to believe?

Introducing the New Brand of Healthy Cookies That Help You Lose Fat:

For many of us, cookies are a guilty pleasure that we try to avoid when trying to lose weight.
But what if there was a brand of cookies that not only satisfied your sweet tooth, but also helped you lose fat?
That’s where this new brand of healthy cookies comes in:
In this blog post, we’ll see the benefits of these cookies and why they should be a part of your weight loss journey.

You know how other brands make you choose between taste and low calories? Not with this one! They’ve mastered the art of combining science and amazing ingredients to create the healthiest cookies, which are insanely delicious, while helping you shed those pesky pounds.

Looks like ordinary cookies, but these are Healthy!
Taste and well-being together
Nobody would guess how good these are for you!
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Want to fit that suit again?

This brand was created by Dr. Sasson Moulavi, M.D., who has been concentrated on weight loss medicine for over 12 years.

Ingredients That Promote Fat Loss.

What sets these cookies apart from other cookies on the market is their unique “Smart” blend of ingredients that promote fat loss. These cookies contain a unique blend of amino acids, complex carbohydrates, fiber, and natural sugars.

According to Dr. Sasson, if you were to have a typical lunch consisting of a burger and a soft drink, you would consume around 800 calories, mostly from fat.

However, if you choose to have a Smart Cookie for lunch instead, not only would you consume only about 100 calories, but you would also receive all the necessary nutrients, without the excess fat.

This will leave you feeling full for longer, as if you had eaten more food to satisfy your hunger. As a result, your body will become “Smart” and release around 200 calories from your fat stores. This is how our program helps you lose weight effectively.

The Convenience of Healthy Cookies

One of the best things about these healthy cookies is their grab-and-go convenience. They’re pre-packaged, so you can easily grab one on the go for a quick and healthy snack. Plus, they’re shelf-stable, so you can keep them in your pantry for whenever a cookie craving strikes.

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You CAN mix Health, Well-being and Enjoyment!!

Your best friend towards that goal might be an unexpected one:
Delicious cookies, and protein bars!! Hard to believe?

Deliciously Shedding Weight

No one has to suffer through bland, boring health food anymore! With specially formulated fat-burning cookies, you can enjoy delicious eating and lose fat at the same time!

Example of a cookie meals plan:

The fat-burning cookies are designed to challenge your body while still giving you the pleasure and satisfaction that comes with indulging in your favorite snack.
Made mostly with organic ingredients that maximize fat burning even while you’re sitting still, they’ll be an ally to help you put the confidence back into your day-to-day routine.

You’re in for a Treat was never more appropriate!!
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What are we talking about here, is it just another fad diet, or what?

It’s a nutritionally balanced, healthy weight loss program. It uses portion-controlled foods that are hunger-suppressing meals in the form of cookies, muffins, shakes, soups and much more.
It’s also a lifestyle change.
What makes this unique is the use of mostly organic ingredients that are free of preservatives, pesticides and toxins. It trains your appetite to eat multiple, small meals throughout the day. Many clients use this just as a form of maintenance, a convenient, helpful tool, for keeping weight off.

I’m interested, but do they make just cookies?

They make a comprehensive line of hunger-suppressing meals including cookies (as we’ve seen), muffins, shakes, soups and much more.

What is the average weight loss per week?

“We had a client who was significantly overweight and managed to lose an impressive 37 lbs within the first week. We also have others who lost only 1 lb. However, it’s important to note that weight loss should not be solely measured by these extreme cases.”
A more accurate evaluation of progress is to look at weight loss over a span of 4 weeks.
On this program, it is expected that individuals, particularly men, should aim to lose approximately 15 pounds every 28 days. It’s important to keep in mind that as you approach your target weight, the amount of weight lost may gradually decrease.

Are these weight loss cookies safe to consume?

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Yes, they’re doctor formulated and carefully designed with a perfect nutritional balance to promote optimal health. Scientific and medical research has clearly shown that eating multiple small meals, with the right amount and proportion of nutrients, will not only help your weight but also improve your health.

You’re in for a Treat was never more appropriate!!
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