Hi! I’m Sharon. I’m so glad You are visiting our Recipes site!

Recipes aren’t just some ingredient descriptions:
Recipes are the source knowledge that, together with our hands, makes great food (and so many other things) come alive!

They bond family members and friends; they allow you to create memorable times that will last a lifetime. They make your life better; they help with your health, and they create excitement.

I first learned to appreciate Recipes from my mother, Linda. But I only realized their true value after she passed away: Later, when I wanted to reproduce some of her grand mom’s recipes for my daughter, I found out memory isn’t really the best way to keep them.

You see, I didn’t just want to share simple recipes, but unique flavors and feelings from my upbringing. And I’ve kept none of my mother’s recipes in writing… And now they are lost forever.

Once a friend of mine told me:
“I always listen carefully, and take mental notes, when people, particularly those we call old and wise, share their recipes and practical knowledge, like, for example, what a given herb is good for, etc.”
Realizing I never do this, and that I should’ve, further made me value the act of putting recipes in writing.

I wanted to give my contribute to sharing and keeping great, useful recipes alive and readily available, so anyone can access them.

All this made me want to create a website dedicated to Recipes (MY OWN WEBSITE, Whoohoo!!) for the world to use. A place where anyone could easily get recipes, enjoy them, and then pass them on to whomever they like!…

But the task is not as simple as it looked. Almost a year later, and so many hours of work, I gave up: it was too much for me: all the technicalities like domain, hosting, platform, themes, logo, pages, customization, content…, and all the expenses, plus the time it was taking from my family. And, before, it looked so simple and easy. Well, not for me…

That’s when my friend Suzanne offered to help me with managing a site, particularly the content side (My dear, dear friend, I can never thank you enough for helping me with my vision).

But that wasn’t still enough to take the site off the ground. So I made a really huge effort, took some money aside and hired someone to take care of the technical aspects: Chris.

By the way, how does our site pay the bills?

We got really excited when Chris explained to us that our site could make enough money to pay for itself, and still pay the team what we all deserve for our hours and dedication. “How?”, we asked. “I don’t want our site with adverts that’s just not what I envisioned”.
He answered: It so happens that you can basically recommend other sites from your site (commercial sites), and, if the client ends up buying something, they’ll pay us a commission. “And how do we know someone bought something from them, following our recommendation?” the answer? “Well, you just have to trust them!” I guess that’s just like life is :-).
Assuming we can get enough of this commissions, that would not only keep us online, but would also pay the team: Regardless of all the friendship and good will, I just think people should always get paid fairly for their work.

So we decided to only recommend sites that, not only sell top quality products, they have top customer service. And that’s how we manage to keep this site alive for you, without any ads at all!!

So, please enjoy and share our site, it’s really a work of love, from our hearts and souls. And our Recipes are a Must!! 🙂


We’ve just started, there are so many improvements we want to make for our visitors; we’re really excited and determined to make this a great site for our users!!

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