Bonito Dashi (see recipe)

  • Mirin
  • Soy Sauce
  • Garlic
  • Dried red chilli
  • Eggplant

Dashi Recipe

  • 1 L Water : 30 Grams Bonito Flake
  • Bring 1 L of water to boil, turn off heat and add Bonito flakes.
  • Steep for 2 mins and strain.
  1. Prepare Age dashi sauce: Add Dashi (500ml), Mirin (5tbs) and Soy sauce (5tbs) into a pot.
    Bring to boil and turn off heat.
    Add 1 crushed garlic and 1 dried chilli. (NOTE: Make enough Age dashi sauce for eggplants to marinate in)
  2. Cut eggplants so all cuts are evenly sized.
  3. Lightly deep fry eggplants (If you are using a fry pan use a generous amount of oil and fry each side for roughly 10 seconds).
  4. After frying, let eggplants sit on some kitchen paper to rid of excess oil.
  5. Place eggplants in to Age dashi sauce, cool in fridge for 1 hour and serve.
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